Goals for 2020

I’m going to keep this short, but wanted to put it down somewhere to HOPEFULLY keep me accountable. 🙌🏼

1. This year I WILL blog more. Yes, I said it. I had so many ideas when starting this blog. I was so excited to take this step and share all the things with you. Somewhere along the way I lost motivation. Out of site out of mind is a big problem with me. 🙈 BUT when this years blog payment drafted out of my account automatically, it was a reminder that this is something I really love doing and want to make it more of a priority.

2. I WILL finish the small projects around the house. You’ve heard the term 95%er, I’m more of a 75%er. Sometimes less. 😆 I love the idea of jumping into new projects but once it gets pretty or presentable that’s about when my motivation fizzles out. In my photos you probably wouldn’t know that my lower kitchen cabinet doors are only primed, the ceiling trim is missing in my living room, and just about every doorway’s trim still hasn’t been caulked. Oh! And some doors have yet to get the door knobs put on. 🤷🏼‍♀️ We’ve been in our home for about a year and a half and there is still so much that needs to be completed so I’m hoping to start checking them off one by one in the new year.

3. And 3 is something that I already strive to do everyday but plan to continue doing, and that’s being the best mommy & wife I can be to my boys.

Of course there are other goals I have planned for 2020 like be more organized, decluttering all those overflowing closets, and definitely start Christmas shopping throughout the year instead of waiting until a week before Christmas. 🙌🏼

Now, I want to know. What are your goals for 2020? Leave them below. Thank you so much for visiting the blog today and you can expect more posts in the near future. 🤗

Happy New Year everyone! 🥳

Maci • Second Chapter House

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