Big Boy Room- From the Start to Now

Hi guys! I want to start this off by letting you know these aren’t a bunch of pretty styled photos. 😆 This is just a glimpse of the journey of where we started with little man’s room, aka Tornado, and where we are now. It still has some work to be done yet, but I am loving the choices we’ve made so far. Our most recent being the vertical tongue & groove walls.

So as I’m sure a lot of you know that this was my grandparents home, but for those of you that don’t know, we purchased our forever home from my mother after my grandparents had both passed. With so many memories in this place and it being the home that they had built just for them we couldn’t let it go. The room that is now my son’s room was once the guest room and was well loved by numerous grandchildren.

Phase one of this reno was we removed the carpet and installed this vinyl plank flooring that over a year later I am still completely in love with, covered the popcorn ceiling with tongue and groove planks which I chose to stain in here for a more masculine feel, replaced ALL the trim, and sprayed the walls white in the color Shiplap by Magnolia Home Paint.

You can see here that we didn’t add trim to the top like we did in all of the other rooms in our home. I had a clear vision of how I wanted most of the other rooms to look. I wanted to add warmth and texture everywhere, so in every room there are planked ceilings (because I refused to scrape another ceiling in my life) and there is a wood treatment to almost every wall EXCEPT with room and the playroom. I just couldn’t make up my mind for what I wanted.

Until it was time to transition from crib to big boy bed and it dawned on me. I have always loved the look of vertical shiplap, but had yet to put it anywhere in my home. I already have a game plan for the playroom that I’m super excited about so this room was the perfect place to try out the vertical style. Can you tell that little man is diggin’ it? 😆

You can also see his big boy bed here that I found at a yard sale for $20!! I though for sure the lady had lost her mind. She had quite a few pieces out which led me to believe that she makes over furniture but I am SOOO glad she decided to get rid of her stash before she got around to painting this beauty. 🙌🏼  It is perfectly weathered and I fell in love immediately. Her loss was definitely our gain.

I’ve installed a good portion of the tongue and groove so far and even though there is a bit more to still go up, I had to see it painted. Now I’m not going to lie to you. I used a very cheap tongue and groove from Lowes for this room. I can’t say that I recommend this exact product, but I baby it so it works for me. I examine each package closely, return the boards that are too far gone, and have some experience with it which I think makes it easier.

I will say though that I like the final look of these boards because they have a ton of distressing (most of which is from the poor quality) so once its painted it looks great and like its been here for years and years. If you’re a first timer or don’t feel like putting in that much effort I would recommend this product here [TONGUE AND GROOVE]. We’ve used this one too and it a little higher in price but much easier to work with.

I am obsessed with how this room is coming together. I feel like the vintage cottage feel that I was dreaming of is starting to show. One of my favorite things so far is the bedding that I partnered with Piper Classics on that I can’t wait to do a full review on and tell you ALL about.

Well, that’s all I have to show you right now for the Tornado’s room. We have ceiling trim, corner molding, a little bit more tongue and groove to get up, and some finishing touches left. I think this room might be my favorite to pull together so far though. Something about making your little ones feel safe and cozy in their own space just makes this mama heart so happy.

As always, thank you all SO much for stopping by to see what I’m up to. If you have any questions or want to chat feel free to leave a comment below. Or you can always find me over on INSTAGRAM. And if you want to see some of the inspiration behind this room come follow me on PINTEREST. Love you all so much!

Second Chapter House

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