A Patriotic Table

Hi guys! It’s been a bit since I’ve posted, but I’m back! I took some time away from the blog and instagram just to give myself a breather. With so many projects to do, photos to take, this job can get a little overwhelming trying to keep up. I was to the point where I felt like I was drowning. 🙈 So two months away was just what I needed to rejuvenate my soul and get excited about getting back to creating and making fun spaces for you all!

July 4th is just around the corner, and my patriotic decor has slowly started creeping out. I don’t know about you, but when I start seeing all the flags and red, white, & blue popping up, it’s a sure sign that Summer is in full force. Another sign is the 90+ degree days we’ve been having.

Anyway, I wanted to show you my tablescape that I threw together. Now, I don’t know if this is actually considered a tablescape because I don’t put out place settings with silverware and glasses, but that’s what I’m calling it. 😆

I started by tea staining my flags that I got in the Target dollar spot last year so that they would have a more vintage look. I removed the sticks, then I brewed up about 6 teabags in the large pot for a few minutes. I put each flag in and stirred them around. After about 10 minutes I removed them, rinsed them of, and put them in the dryer until they were dry. I could have let them air dry, but I’m impatient & I also loved the wrinkled effect the dryer gave them. I hot glued them back on the sticks and I had instant vintage flags.

I stacked a few plates up, some bowls, and a small pitcher. My dining table is currently being referred to as my ivy recovery ward. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I keep losing leaves. 🤦🏼‍♀️ So here they sit trying to drink up some sunshine & adding some green interest. I’m assuming that’s what they need is more sun? If you have any tips for keeping ivy alive I’d love to hear them in the comments!

Oh, I also added in this little wire paper tray & a vintage inspired glass one gallon jug I picked up at Walmart years ago. And last but not least I added in 3 new “antique” flags.

There have been a few changes made to the dining room since the last time I shared it. Can you spot them?

Thank you SO MUCH for coming by to check out the blog today. It truly means the world to me to have your support. As always, if you want to see more of my home you can find me on [Instagram]. Have a blessed week! Xx


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