Laundry Countertop- DIY

Well hello there! Guyyyys, I have been dreaming of this countertop since the day we moved in. I’m not sure why I waited so long though. This bad boy cost a whopping $45. Yep, $45!

This right here is where we started. It was a dark tiny room, about 5’x6′. I knew this little space had so much more potential than this. I’ll be doing a whole blog post soon about how we got to the after, but for now let’s fast forward to the countertop.

My first stop was Home Depot. I had previously measured my space and knew that I needed 3 2×12 by 8′ boards a 2×4 by 8′ board and a box of 3″ screws. I ordered them online and picked them up at the customer service desk. Doing this saves me from having to hunt down an employee to cut the wood down for me. πŸ™‚ I have all the saws that I could possibly need for this project, but sometimes it’s just easier to have Home Depot do it.

After they cut down the 2x12s to the width needed I loaded up my supplies and headed home.

Once I was home, the first thing I did was measure the depth of my washer & dryer. I knew that the 3 2x12s stacked next to each other would equal 33 3/4″ & because I’m planning to put a skirt under the counter to hide the appliances, I wanted to set the supports back a bit. I ended up cutting the 2×4 supports to 33″ and 31″. The 31″ was to accommodate for the outlet on the left side.

I had an idea of where the studs were from the nail holes in the brick panels. I predrilled my holes accordingly, made sure to have the level on top and screwed one side in. I measured up front the ground and screwed in the left side. Next I painted the supports. They were the same color as my walls so I wasn’t worried about getting paint everywhere, but if it wasn’t I would have painted them first or taped them off.

Next I laid the 3 2x12s on top and started painting. I didn’t even worry about nailing them down. I thought if there was ever a need to get behind our appliances to access the water or whatever else, I’d be glad I didn’t. This last photo was after 1 coat. I did 3 coats of semigloss paint. I did the same thing in my guest bathroom and it has held up great.

And that’s it! Super simple, inexpensive, & a total game changer for my laundry room. I can honestly say that soon after these photos were taken, this countertop got put to use! It gives me so much folding space and gives my laundry room a much more finished look. We still have plans to put up a shelf and hanging rack up top, but that will come later & I’ll be sure to update you all when it does.

I hope you enjoyed getting to see my laundry room project today and thank you so much for coming to the blog to check in on what’s going on at Second Chapter House. πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “Laundry Countertop- DIY

  1. I love your laundry room! I’m actually renovating mine soon so this i’ll definitely keep in mind for a counter. Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing


  2. Great idea! yOU DID AN AMAZING JOB!

    I would kinda freak losing so much upper cabinets, but that’s where I keep our light bulbs, and all things cleaners……but I love love love your space! It’s so bright and cheerful!


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